Latex Care 101

Latex Care 101

Putting on the Garment:

Always use lubrication when putting on a latex garment. Vengeance Designs recommends using only Pjur brand bodyglide, available in Original, Light, and Cult. You may also use baby powder, but it is not recommended as it takes to cake up. Those with oily skin should dust their skin lightly with baby powder before donning the garment. Apply the lube on your hands and use them to evenly coat the inside of the garment, going with the seam, not against it (your hand should fall over the edge of the seam, rather than catch on the edge). Use small amounts at a time until you have a light, slippery coat. You may also want to apply excess lube to your body on areas with the latex will stretch, such as thighs, hips, biceps, feet, and hands. Once the garment is lubricated, carefully and slowly begin to put it on. Roll or gather large sections to slowly work the garment on, and never pull at a single spot or hook the garment with a fingertip. Use both hands, and apply pressure evenly across a large surface. Remove all jewelry when donning/removing latex and never use your nails, as these can puncture the garment.

Things to Avoid

Please refrain from using perfumes, body sprays, deodorant, glitter, or body oils (Vengeance Customs recommended using a small amount of baby powder on "perspiration areas"), as these items can break down the glue holding the garment together. Do not store or wear latex against metal, as it may discolor the latex. Avoid smoking in latex if possible, and if so do not touch the garment with your fingers until ALL nicotine residue has been thoroughly washed off with soap and water, as this residue may permanently stain the garment.

Shine and Care:

To shine the exterior of the garment, always use a silicon based shiner, such as Pjur Original, Pjur Light, or Pjur Cult lubrication. New items may need several coats of lube before holding a consistent shine, so Vengeance recommends pre-shining a new garment the day before its first wear to account for this, as well as using a 250mL or 1L bottle to ensure sufficient lubrication of your new item.

After removing the garment, always wash it using lukewarm water and "Palmolive Pure+Clear" dish soap to remove any lubrication and leave the garment clean. Squirt a small amount into your hands and lather, gently scrubbing the garment with your hands in small circular motions, scrubbing with seams, not against them. The garment is clean when it exhibits "stickiness", like a latex balloon. For mild stains or dirt, let the garment soak in lukewarm water with a small amount of Palmolive. For dirty seams you may use a toothbrush and delicately scrub the seams while soaking. Once the garment is clean lay flat to dry.

Once the item has dried inside and out, lightly coat the interior with an even, consistent coat of odorless baby powder to prevent wrinkling and sticking. If your item wrinkles DO NOT iron your latex. Store the garment on a plastic or wooden hanger, or in a plastic bag in a cool, dry area with zero exposure to sunlight. Vengeance recommends storing your item in a black trash bag to protect it from sun and staining. Do not expose latex to excessive heat or sunlight.X